So again, another show over.

After a week off from ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ I was thrown straight into ‘Alice In Wonderland: The Rock Ballet’ as sound operator.

When I took on this role, from day one in rehearsals I took it upon myself to start building my cue-stack in Qlab 3 so I could start building up my sound for the show.

As well as operating for the show I found myself  sourcing and editing most of the tracks for the show

One challenging edit I had was a track the director had requested and it had several curse words in it and there was no way I could source a clean version of this track.

Because of this I took it upon myself to try and edit it myself the best I could, I sourced an instrumental version of the track, edited the original version removing the cursed words and replacing it with with part of the instrumental track.

It actually worked pretty well and everyone was pretty pleased with it.

Other tasks I took on during this show was online promotion.

Because ticket sales were slow I took it upon myself to set up online promotion.

I managed to get the show advertised on,, The Cheshire Oaks Intranet System, as well as setting up and managing Facebook promotion.

One of the amazing things that happened with promotion was that I put the event on Stage Jobs Pro and remotegoat, One week after posting this the Stage Jobs Pro Newsletter that is emailed to every single member of the website featured our show in their Newsletter.

Because we had a live band, audio from a cue-stack and Radio Mic’s the show was run off two separate Roland V-Mixer’s, one running as a slave.

The rehearsal before the first show there were no sound team in apart from myself so I had to try and run it all on my own and no notes were left either for which microphones were used for which songs, Thankfully everything ran well though.

For the time we had and and all the challenges that were thrown at us during this performance as a production team we all pulled together and pulled off a pretty decent week of performances.