With only a weeks break after ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ I have started work straight away on ‘Alice In Wonderland: The Rock Ballet’

I didn’t expect to be working on this show quite so quickly as I thought my role of sound operator was not needed so early.

On my first day back at college I attended my first rehearsals putting a cue-stack together in QLab, acquiring music from several cds as well as a few DVDs.

within a day I had acquired most of the music for the show and arranged it in some sort of order and have been editing audio of all kinds.

My hardest audio editing task so far has been to make a clean edit of an offensive song, luckily enough I was able to find an instrumental version of the track so I have tried to replace the offensive words with backing track.

Today all the sound equipment has been put in ready for rehearsals in the performance space today ready for cue to cue on monday.

I’m really happy with the way things are going with rehearsals even I thought that I would not be needed till much later and I feel as though I have been doing some sound design (which some night continued till 3 in the morning)

I think this is going to be an amazing performance.

Come Check it out at West Cheshire College from 7PM, 24th -27th of March
Ticket prices are £8 each, no concessions. Please call the box office on 01244 656500.