So back in the last few months left of college I decided I wanted to work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a Technician.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is known as the biggest arts festival in the world and attracts people from all over the world for either work or for the entertainment.

What I didn’t know was when the festival is on their are also other festivals that go on such as The Edinburgh Book Festival, the Edinburgh International Festival and The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival.

The Edinburgh Fringe takes part in almost anywhere you can think of in the city of Edinburgh, From Theaters, Pubs, Bars, Hotel Rooms, Streets and also peoples bedrooms.

I applied to several different companies and must of had at least 4 or 5 different companies contact me throughout the time before the festival, one which I even had to drive down to Edinburgh just for the day for an interview.

In the end I was offered a job with TheSpaceUK.

TheSpaceUK have 16 performance spaces spread out at several different venues across Edinburgh and one of their venues last year was the busiest venues of the festival with more shows coming in and out of their doors than anyone else.

Before the festival I had to try and find my own accommodation, this is something I’ve never had to do for work before.

In the end I headed to a Theater Digs web page and was also pointed in the direction of a friend of a friends place which was being rented out during the festival.

It was in a prime location of only about 15 minutes walk to work every day, Usually this flat is hired out to people working at the Edinburgh Playhouse as its only a few minutes walk away.

So when I arrived I spent the first week building venues and getting to know the other members of the company and was soon thrown into tech rehearsals.

I then soon realised how much time we would have for each show.

Basically one show would start, then when it finished we’d have 5 mins for that show to get out and then we would have between 5 & 15 mins get-in for the next show which would involve patching new lights, gel new light colours, get set and props and set it up and open the doors so we can start the show on time.

This same process would happen all day for the duration for all the shows that were on for the day.

I worked between 2 venues, one being situated in a church while the other was situated in a hotel room.

most of the shows I did not operate but I was asked to operate sound and lighting for a few shows through the month I was there.

At the end of each week we also had new tech rehearsals as shows left and new shows came in (apparently TheSpaceUK are one of the few companies who let shows run for a short time at their venues) so after getting used to a routine of shows for the week it would then be all change again.

At the end of the festival I was also part of the Get-Out team which I helped at most of the venues (not just the 2 venues i was allocated to work at for the month)

I had an amazing experience and I’d love to be part of the festival again, Although I didn’t get to see many shows I did make a few friends in which i’d like to hope i’d see again during my career.

Edinburgh Fringe is something I’ve wanted to go to for a long time but for my first time at the festival to be a part of it was even better.

Such an amazing month away, now its time to head back to home and normality.

Thanks to everyone who made my time at the festival thoroughly enjoyable.


Bellow is a list of the productions I worked on during the festival:

Jurys Inn

Venue 45