So after finishing a show that was put together in 4-5 weeks and a well deserved week off I think its about time i wrote about the show.

In such a short amount of time we managed to put together and pull off this show.

I have never taken on the role of Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) before and up until show week we were still sourcing props for the show.

Making a prompt copy for the show and understanding how to call the show I found it a learning curve and I think if I was given more time with this role I would of developed this role and my skills better.

All the cast and crew members were fantastic and worked really well and professionally as a production team.

As all shows we did have problems right up to show night but we managed to overcome most obstacles and pull off an amazing show.

We received some amazing feedback from the show and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take on this role and follow through.